About us

"La Forme" provides you with a full spectrum of services and to lets your expressiveness and originality show through your interior space

Looking for

Looking for:

  • Distributors/dealers/agents
  • Retailers
  • Developers and brokers of real estate projects
  • Architects and designers
  • Construction companies
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Public and state institutions

Please evaluate our specially developed programs for (+link on presentation):

We offer:

  •  High-quality products of any level of complexity
  •  Flexible payment terms
  •  Standard collections
  •  Furniture production on individual order (according to drawings provided by the customer or developed  by our designers)
  •  Wide variety of models
  •  Warranty for 24 months
  •  No minimum order
  •  Flexible system of discounts
  •  High commission fee